Maryland Department of Disabilities

The Maryland Department of Disabilities (MDOD) is charged with coordinating and improving the delivery of services to individuals with disabilities in the state of Maryland. By working collaboratively with all State government agencies, MDOD provides advocacy and guidance to ensure that State entities deliver services in the most integrated settings possible, develop consistent policies affecting those with disabilities, and consider the diverse needs of all when making decisions which impact Marylanders.  MDOD focuses on independence and full community membership through its programs which address accessible housing, employment, transitioning youth, community living, technology assistance, barrier free living, and transportation.  This focus is one which consistently has an eye to economic growth through strengthening of a diverse workforce and provision of the efficient and effective supports necessary for full participation in our state’s economy.  
cst UMKC IHD logo

UMKC Institute for Human Development (UCEDD), University of Missouri - Kansas City

The Institute for Human Development, located within the University of Missouri - Kansas City, is an applied research and training center for human services and a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities in Education, Research, and Service (UCEDDs). It exemplifies the University's goals of academic excellence and a campus without borders by helping people, agencies, and the community reach their fullest potential. The Institute conducts and collaborates on a wide variety of Applied Research projects to develop, implement, and evaluate new ideas and promising practices that support healthy, inclusive communities. Interdisciplinary University Training infuses best practices into the curriculum of graduate and undergraduate students in a wide range of professional disciplines, including psychology, social work, nursing, medicine, dentistry, and education. Community Services and Supports provided by the Institute assists individuals, community and state agencies, and university faculty to build the capacity of their programs through needs assessment, technical assistance, grant development, and program evaluation.
eitas logo

eitas - Developmental Disability Services of Jackson County

Developmental Disability Services of Jackson County – eitas  is a political sub-division of Jackson County that provides funding and services for Jackson County citizens with developmental disabilities. For the last 35 years eitas’ role has been to fund needed services to citizens of Jackson County with developmental disabilities. They cover the costs of services, facilities, and equipment that are not paid by other sources such as Medicaid, the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Health and Senior Services, or the First Steps program. In addition to local funding, eitas provides direct services to eligible individuals for transportation and support coordination. Eitas advocates strongly for increased services and new supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and is seen as a local and statewide leader in our efforts to support our citizens.
CHD Alaska

UAA Center for Human Development (UCEDD), University of Alaska Anchorage

The Center for Human Development (CHD) is a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities in Education, Research, and Service (UCEDDs) authorized by the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000. Since CHD is the only UCEDD in Alaska, they serve the entire state. The UAA Center for Human Development has 4 major functions including (1) interdisciplinary education, (2) community training and technical assistance, (3) research, (4) information dissemination. These activities are designed to increase the independence, productivity, and community integration and inclusion for individuals with disabilities.  CHD's projects and activities are not limited to developmental disabilities; they focus on a wide range of disabilities, ages, and issues.
Human Development Institute

Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky

The Human Development Institute (HDI) is Kentucky's University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service. HDI focuses on improving lifelong opportunities and services for individuals with disabilities, their families and the community. HDI provides a strong foundation for more than 40 research, training and service projects, addressing a wide range of topics and issues in areas such as early childhood, education and alternate assessment, transition across the lifespan, employment, community living, and personnel preparation.
NorthPointe Resources Logo

NorthPointe Resources

Northpointe Resources (NRI) offers one of the most comprehensive support systems for persons with disabilities living in Lake County, Illinois. NorthPointe Resources Inc. employs about 200 personnel and provides services to over 400 individuals annually. NorthPointe is a leader in the state of Illinois with an established record of creating and implementing innovative service options. They have developed a range of community based occupational skills training programs, including strong partnerships with Walgreens Corporation and Cancer Treatment Centers of America corporate sites.

RRTCDD, Department of Disability and Human Development, University of Illinois at Chicago

The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Developmental Disabilities and Health (RRTCDD) at the Department of Disability and Human Development, UIC seeks to enhance the health, function, and full community participation of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) across the lifespan and bolster family caregiving capacity through a coordinated set of research, training in evidence-based practice, and dissemination activities. The activities of the RRTC promote a society that involves people with I/DD within the fabric of their community, enables them to access the supports and resources they require throughout their lifespan, and helps them attain a socially relevant, personally meaningful, and healthy life.
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