Let us help you determine your health promotion needs!

We bring you an online HealthMatters
TM Assessments to help you evaluate your health promotion needs and create your organizational health promotion action plan.The HealthMattersTM Assessments (HMA) is an evaluation tool to be completed by employees of community based day and residential organizations providing services for people with I/DD. 

How will HMA help you?

Evaluating your health promotion program can be beneficial in many ways: 
  • 1. Understand, verify, or increase the impact of services and programs for people with I/DD and staff.
  • 2. Benchmark your organization’s capacity to promote health among your clients and employees.
  • 3. Improve delivery mechanisms to be more efficient and less costly.
  • 4. Verify that you're doing what you think you're doing.
  • 5. Facilitate what management's really thinking about what their program is all about, including its goals, how it meets it goals and how it will know if it has met its goals or not.
  • 6. Produce data or verify results that can be used to understand how your program helps participants, give feedback to participants and staff in the program, improve public relations, and promote your services in the community.
  • 7. Generate valid comparisons between programs to decide which should be retained, e.g., in the face of pending budget cuts.
  • 8. Fully examine and describe effective programs for replication elsewhere.

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