Health U.: A Nutrition Curriculum for Teenagers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

By Linda Bandini, PhD, RD, Carol Curtin, MSW, Richard Fleming, PhD, Melissa Maslin, MEd, and Renee Scampini, MS, RD
The Health U. Curriculum is made up of ten, 60-minute lessons created for adolescents and young adults with mild to moderate ID. The program is designed to be taught by a registered dietitian or an educator who has had at least two college courses on nutrition. The 10 lessons cover topics like MyPlate, fruits and vegetables, fats and proteins, sugar, how to plan a balanced meal, making healthy choices, snacking, portion sizes, and eating out. Each lesson includes a short discussion of new concepts, a hands-on learning activity, time to engage in movement or physical activity, and a taste test. Lessons are concluded with a “Take Home Ideas” sheet which helps students share what they learn in class with their parents or caregivers. The program manuscript also includes a section on how educators can best implement each lesson on a range of different budget types.
The Health U. Curriculum is an in-depth and practical program for students with ID to learn about nutrition, physical activity, and living a healthy lifestyle in a way that caters to their specific learning needs.
Bandini, L., Curtin, C., Fleming, R., Maslin, M., and Scampini, R. (2013). Health U. A Nutrition Curriculum for Teenagers with I/DD. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.